About Kristen

I didn't choose photography, photography chose me!!.... no really, I actually chose to be a video editor.  That was my passion ever since I picked up my family camcorder and made a parody of Harry Potter in high school, and stopped and started the VHS about a million times to get our scenes in order.  It was very poorly shot by kids, poorly edited, we all read from the script instead of memorizing our lines... but the experience and storytelling were so powerfully emotional that I went on to direct 3 more parodies!!   When love brought me to Houston, I fell into a photography company that brought me into the wedding scene, and that same love of telling a story was there, just with better production value.  There is just nothing like capturing emotion to hold on to forever.

As you can probably tell, I'm a bit shamelessly nerdy.  My spouse is a total gamer, and we love having friends over for not-your-typical-monopoly boardgame nights.  I am a bit more of a casual gamer... NO I will not turn in my nerd card!!!! My favorite D&D character was my tinker gnome pepper that could cheerfully blowup our party at any turn.  I love to sing baritone in Sweet Adelines (women's barbershop) and have been part of both a competitive chorus and quartet.  I enjoy rock climbing and am maybe a little too into cats, but fortunately, I don't just want to hug every cat.  If you speak in memes, you are already my friend.

My Family

My spouse, Chris has been a very supportive person in all my life endeavors and has even enjoyed sneaking a couple of snaps if I set my camera down.  Just know that Chris-sightings are fairly rare as it often gets a bit too people outside.  I couldn't think of a better partner and parent of my children to share my life with.

These two kiddos are both completely insane.  Extroverted, outgoing, and completely without shame (they get that from me!!).  But one thing I never expected was to raise two language-impaired children while learning so much about how to help them learn to talk and understand.


was definitely always a bit of a head-scratcher as a toddler.  His first word was "mama" when he wanted to watch the Mahna-Mahna video... He said his first words around 2 and got a language burst shortly after 2.5... but that wasn't the end of it.  I learned he was actually able to say more than he could understand... basically he was learning our language as one would through a phrasebook.  He also had some delays beyond language.  The way I describe raising Xander is like raising an adorable doppelganger who is trying to figure out how to be human.  The textbook term for it is Social Pragmatic Communication Disorder.  At 6.5, Xander met his MLU goal (stringing together thoughts of words as long as the average of his typical peers) and we continue to be amazed by the typical expressions and phrases he is picking up from friends.  He is great at making friends.  His prognosis is very bright and was defined as he will always be "a little bit quirky," but... hello, you've already met me.  This kid is a total goof and will do anything for a laugh.  His current favorite game is pretending to be a toaster and a scared cat!!


is my totally insane tiny human.  Her first word at 17 months was "applesauce" and continued to get about 20 words before considering "mommy" or "daddy" 😠 For her, though, her delays don't seem to be extending beyond language.  A couple of things that make her situation unique are that although she is talking earlier than Xander, I think how well she understands what I say to her is even worse than Xander was at the same age.  On top of that, she, for whatever reason, doesn't make B or M sounds (or p, but at least that's a complex sound!).  I'm "nongy" and she loves little hopping "gunnies" and likes to watch "Grikky" on TV (Blippi for those of you who know).  I went from raising a doppelganger to raising Elmyra.  She would no doubt, run up and hug a lion!!  She will parallel play with animals at a petting zoo the same as with other little kids.  She loves dressing up and playing in blanket forts.  She is quite sure of herself on playgrounds and was climbing before walking.  Her sweet little self loves to watch and copy everybody, and the love in the love-hate relationship between her and Xander keeps growing as they do.  

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