Morning Golden Hour... Stay Frosty!!

So your photographer encourages you to steer away from 1pm outdoor photography sessions because harsh light is the enemy. And you take their advice because when they say the sunlight at golden hour takes off 10 lbs, you're sold! And the hot Houston summer is almost at an end, so early morning will be perfect... except this year fall just kinda didn't happen and winter just butted in line. It's going to be a very brisk morning, but there are ways to keep everyone from getting grumpy and wanting to rush into the warm for some hot cocoa. Take it from me, I both grew up in the Chicago winters and haaaAAAAAAaaaate being cold, so I've learned a thing or two about staying warm without looking like Native Eskimos in your photoshoot.

One of the simplest things you can do is layer with underwear. You don't even have to buy the fancy sporting underwear. A simple pair of flannel pajama pants can really add an extra layer of insulation to your legs. Wear at LEAST 3 pairs of socks if you can for your poor little toes. I am a huge fan of fuzzy socks. If you can sneak them under your clothes, go for it!! Top may be a bit tricker if you're avoiding the bulky look. Adding a look of 10 lbs back on is not ideal. For this, you may want to invest in some stylish jackets and accessories like scarves and hats. They can add that nice fall touch. Finally, don't forget about your hands. Before becoming a photographer, I had the pleasure of working as script supervisor for a local indie horror film called Jacob. We shot overnight when the weather dipped to 30 degrees, and being a prepared cold-hating northerner, I was ready to go... until I realized I couldn't wear mittens and take notes at the same time. Gripping a clip board and pencil in freezing weather was brutal, and I probably avoided frost bite damage with my hand warmers in my pockets... now, taking photos, you're not going to be using your hands quite that much, but it might still be a big relief to be able to stick your hands in your pockets between shots and soak up a pack of warm glow.

And just think of all the rosy cheeks that will happen if it's just a bit colder than comfortable!! I try to keep my sessions fun and moving along, so with a combination of some smart layering tactics and enjoying being your goofy selves, you will look back on your session with the fondness as a kid would of going sledding down huge snow hills, not looking forward to the session being over as soon as you have any acceptable photos.

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