Video Assisted Language Learning

Being a parent of two late-talking children, I have expertise in helping children learn language by means of play-based therapy with modeling and recasting techniques.

One thing I've discovered is children LOVE watching videos of themselves doing the things they love to do.  I can help create a short video of your child playing with their favorite toys or their favorite games and add in language at your child's level to help them watch again and again.  Here's an example of my daughter learning words about her favorite activities with simple one-word and two-word combinations.  She loves to watch, and she has been repeating most of it (her receptive language is severely delayed).

* This is meant as supplementary materials for language learning and NEVER to replace one on one playtime!!!

** I do not have certification for therapy and cannot give advice on how to create videos best for your children.  I encourage you to work with a therapist or expert, or you can take my videos as example, but you have the final decision in how the video should be set up.

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